Don't shop for the middle man. We structured ourselves to not only create but to develop all under 1 roof. There's nothing like producing one's work than with the creators themselves.

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Our reputation is built on our people ; having unique mind boggling ideas that change the path of a brand.


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Skillful Strategy




How it all started

Our company was built on the dreams and visions of a team of very passionate people who love to create.

We made it simple. Together, we create the development of your brand through the digital and social age of advertising. Using all social media as a platform to expedite your personal business goals, we produce all the creative material. As an in-house creative production company, we stride side by side through all walks of the development of your business. HUEMID- HUE is a part of the color spectrum. All of us posses our hue which we eradicate through personality and character; ID - IDENTIFICATION. We establish, develop, and show your brand IDENTIFICATION. Thus the creation of your voice, tone, and message we will portray to the world! M- MIDDLE We are the barrier connecting the the process by which you improve the economic and social influence. HUEMID



This work is a taste of what we can do for your business. Before Huemid, our partners worked on clients like Netflix, StateFarm,Sprint, Mcdonalds, Coca Cola and many more. Acting roles as a Director, Art director, Producer etc. Now we have a vision to bring larger format

advertising towards your business goals. We bring a new and unique style in to the market. Creating ideas that matter and production to unify beauty.  We understand that you want to grow, and we want to help you get there. -HUEMID



Every market is unique and should be treated as such. We create engaging consumer insights that can only relate towards your product or service.

Stay relevant.

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Creative Production

With a full blown production studio and

in-house creatives. We're able to make anything happen in the snap of a finger.

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A  proper strategy is focused  around the idea to  build more engagement. We target an audience that cares about you  and what you have to offer.

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Our goal is to create a campaign that will leave an imprint and influence to the masses. Stay relevant.

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brand with just a simple call.

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Huemid News


We have put together a team of creative individuals that are masters in various fields. Being the center point of creation, we founded teams in unconventional locations to bring a diverse type of environment. From Miami, Colombia and NY. Miami being are head of operations, we developed a unique 8000 sqft location binding the creation of ideas with production itself. Having teams of creators,developers, etc... bring the true life out of your campaign.


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